About Avinash

Machine Learning Engineer who likes to solve challenging business problems using various advanced analytics and data-driven insights. Have worked with various Fortune 100 clients, helping them make optimized-profitable decisions. I am primarily focused on Natural Language Processing and cloud-based application development and deployment, but also have hands-on experience working in statistics, time series analysis, predictive data modeling, various model families, neural networks and computer vision.

Currently working as ML Engineer at EY Spain. Worked as a Data Scientist in the Applied AI team at Deloitte Consulting USI. I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from TKM College of Engineering. Previously worked in Advanced Analytics & AI team of EY GDS. I was also college union magazine editor for “Kallu magazine” which won third place in Basheer Awards for best college magazines in Malayalam.

I believe in rational thinking and endorse open sourcing research and projects. I love physics and programming. Whenever in doubt, I like to go back to first principles and simplicity.

Outside of work, I enjoy:

  • watching & playing football. Ardent fan of Liverpool FC.
  • listening to music.
  • watching movies.

If you have any message/feedback or an innovative idea to share/collaborate on, let me know here.